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How to Peak and Perform at the Right Time

racing training Feb 06, 2017

Peaking is when you feel and operate at your absolute best, ideally you should have a very limited amount of residual fatigue from previous training and have acquired a substantial amount of fitness. 

It's a simple equation that looks like this:


Understanding your body, the level of intensity and volume that you put your body under in the weeks prior to your race peak is also important.

For example, if you decide to increase your volume too much in the weeks leading into event, your ability to ‘freshen up’ and reduce your fatigue levels in time for your event may be jeopardised.

On the other hand, if you decide to reduce your volume too early, you may find yourself absolutely flying in the days and weeks before your event, but by the time race day rolls around, you’ve gone over your peak and end up underperforming.

Working closely with a coach, or closely monitoring your own training over the season is an important step in...

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The fastest entry line for the 200m time trial

racing tactics training Jan 23, 2017

With the change in the UCI rulings, the importance of a smooth and fast 200m time has never been more important yet we have watched many cyclists get it wrong and end up with a poor seeding going into the sprint rounds. 

Finding the right entry line will differ from track to track based on the differentiation in banking gradients, transitions and track distances (e.g. 250 or 333m etc.). 

Have a look at the image below...

You'll see in the image above, we've marked out the top of the banking and placed stars which represent the position or line you may take on entry into the flying 200m.

The green arrow indicates the point on the fence line where the track starts to 'run up hill'.

One of the first things worth doing when arriving at a new track is:

Study exactly where the fence line starts to run up hill in the straights.


Because if you stick to the fence line too long on entry into the 200m effort, you'll find yourself running up hill before proceeding down hill...

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Top 3 Accessories from the Worlds Best Track Cyclists

equipment racing Sep 26, 2016

Have you ever wondered what’s inside the backpack of some of the worlds best track cyclists?

What do they rate as their top cycling accessories, ones that help them get the best out of themselves at training events and competitions?

We’re not talking about the fundamentals such as bike, helmet, rollers, shoes and chain ring bags - they’re the mandatory items!

Instead, we’re talking about equipment, tools and accessories that make them tick, and gives them the extra 5% to go just that much faster!

We caught up with a bunch of the world’s best trackies and asked them:

What are you top 3 favourite track cycling accessories?

Here’s the top three that were mentioned the most!

  1. Headphones / Music
  2. Lunch Box / Drinks / Snacks 
  3. Foam Roller / Trigger Point Ball

Headphones / Music

Having a set of headphones and some good music is no new thing in sport.

Most elite level athletes will listen to music in some capacity to help them mentally...

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How to Deal with Race Day Nerves

mindset racing Sep 12, 2016

Getting yourself mentally prepared to perform on race day isn’t an easy task.

Nerves are an imperative part of the process and just like the rest of the physiological preparation plan, requires training like your muscles.

World Champion Shane Perkins talks exclusively about his experience with nerves, and how he utilised them to get the most out of himself to win some of the biggest races at International events.

Here are 3 Extra Tips to Prepare Yourself Mentally:

  1. Use a few training sessions to plan out your race day mental strategies. Treat these sessions like race events, allow yourself to feel nervous, and use those nerves to drive performance.
  2. Learn to work with the little voice in your head - either acknowledge it or dismiss it, and explore different strategies to assist in this process.
  3. Learn to be okay with outcomes. If you can be okay with any outcome, you allow yourself to focus more on the processes throughout the competition.

Have you found ways to...

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How to Prepare for Your Next Track Cycling Race

racing Aug 22, 2016

There’s either one of two emotional reactions you’ll have when we ask you...

Are you ready to race?!

You’re either going to read this and think:

a. No, not quite or not at all, or

b. Yes, absolutely!

Whilst we hope it’s the latter, if it’s not then there’s no time like the present, so let’s get cracking!

There are 4 elements we want to highlight that are crucial to your performance leading into an event:

  1. Warm Up Schedule
  2. Tapering / 7 Day Out Planning
  3. Headspace and Mental Strategy Plan
  4. Recovery Plan

Warm Up Schedule

Having a set routine and warm up plan is crucial to performance.

This plan should consist of a number of elements including:

  • Warming up your core body temperature
  • Dynamic stretching
  • Roller efforts
  • Track efforts
  • Resting
  • Keeping warm

Your warm up schedule should be something that is practiced on a routine basis and not something you just start on race day.

Adaption and consistency of your warm up is the...

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Track Cycling at the Rio Olympics

racing Aug 10, 2016

It's Time!!!

The Track Cycling at the Rio Olympics kicks off on 11th August in Rio!!

We will be covering each event on our Facebook page:

So make sure you've Liked the page to get the updates.

Below you'll find 5 videos from World Champion Kerrie Meares who gives you an overview of each event at the Rio Olympics, and her insights on who to watch.




Team Sprint




Team Pursuit



We've also included the Rio Schedule below. Here's a quick time conversion to help:

10am Rio time =
Sydney 11pm
London 2pm
New York 9am
Singapore 9pm

4pm Rio time =
Sydney 5am
London 8pm
New York 3pm
Singapore 3am

Comment below and let us know who will you be cheering for!


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Calling all Masters: World Track Championships Preparation

racing Aug 08, 2016

The World Masters Track Championships are the pinnacle event for Masters track riders and the 2016 Championships is getting closer with just under 54 days to go!

For those who are looking towards the 2017 Masters Games in Cambridge, NZ - the Championships are not too far off for you also, with just under 255 days to go!

Further ahead, the 2017/18 UCI Masters Track Cycling World Championships will be held in Los Angeles (USA) with dates to be confirmed.

Before reading on, at the bottom of this blog we have two short questions about your training program in the lead up to the Masters World Games /Championships for both Manchester and Cambridge events - if you have the time, we'd really appreciate the feedback in the comments below!

Nothing could be more motivating than watching the Olympic Games events over the next few weeks!

So, if you’re looking for that extra bit of motivation - just turn the telly on and watch as the world’s finest track...

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Your Guide to Track Cycling in Rio!

racing Aug 01, 2016

The RIO Olympics will kick off this weekend in Brazil and we can’t wait for the track cycling to commence on Day 6!

However, before track gets underway we have the opening ceremony to look forward too, and we will most definitely be cheering Kerrie’s sister Anna on as she leads the Australian team into the Games in what will be her fourth Olympic Games!

In this blog we want to equip you with event information and the schedule for the Olympic Games so you know what's on and what each event is about!

When & Where

The track cycling will commence on the 11th of August  which is Day 6 of the Olympics at 4:00pm (Rio time).

The newly completed Velodrome facility which was designed and built by German architect Ralph Schuermann and will without a doubt be one of the best facilities built to date in the world. 


The competition format in rio will encompass five events (2 endurance and 3 sprint events) and they are as follows:


Keirin riders...

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Sprint Tactics: Part 2 - 3 Strategies to Race the Sprint From the BACK!

racing tactics Jul 25, 2016

In this two part sprint tactic series we’re talking about tips and training suggestions to help you get the most out of your sprint racing!

In part one, we looked at 3 strategies and key focuses when you’re riding the sprint from the front or bottom position.

In this blog, we’re going to look at 3 strategies and training tips to ride the sprint from the back or top position.

As we mentioned in last week’s blog, sprint tactics will encompass 3 fundamental principles:

  1. Distance 
  2. Speed 
  3. Position   

Distance = The amount of distance between you and your opponent

Speed = The speed in which you ride at during the race at various stages

Position = The position you occupy on the track in relation to the track itself (e.g. how high you position yourself from the top, or how close you are to the bottom/sprinters lane)

So with these three fundamental principles in mind, let’s talk about 3 strategies you can implement in training to...

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Sprint Tactics: Part 1 - 3 Strategies to Race the Sprint From the FRONT!

racing tactics Jul 18, 2016

When it comes to mastering the craft of the ‘cat and mouse’ there are a few simple strategies that if adhered to, will give you the best opportunity tactically to out-smart your opponent.

In this blog we want to offer your 3 simple strategies to ride the sprint from the front position.

If you find you draw ‘1’ or ‘bottom’ before the race, you’ve got the job to lead the race out for the first half lap (unless of course your opponent wants to take the front position from you).

When you find yourself in this position for the first time, it can be a bit daunting and unnerving and at times you might find yourself wondering what you should be doing in this situation, this is why it’s really important to have a race plan!

Whilst your race plan may not eventuate entirely due to the unpredictability of the sprint and differing agendas of the riders, it’s important that you have a plan (even if it’s flexible) in place to...

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