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The Commute

general fitness Oct 01, 2020
By Michael Jordan
Lead Coach / Physiological Performance Analyst 

There is a man in Toronto who gets paid to go to the gym. My friend Tim pays to go to that gym and described the man to me. The man who gets paid to go to the gym picks up and puts down a lot of weights. He also mops, vacuums, dusts and makes the place look nice, ready for the next day. So there he is lifting a 25kg plate with one hand, moving a succession of 10kg plates to the correct spot and then popping the 25kg where they all were. Rack after rack.

 In between our sets of 10 we rest. He’ll do a power clean to put the bar back on the rack. So between his power cleans he cleans. And doesn’t really stop to stretch his piriformis or think about engaging his core.

Tim also introduced me to the concept of 'Farm Boy Fit'. The person who does what is needed on the farm. Putting up fences, moving cattle, generally doing stuff. After moving one pig he doesn’t wait for 3 minutes before moving the...

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