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Training Sessions to Enjoy and Endure: Endurance Training for Track Cyclists

endurance programs training Jan 30, 2017

by Cycling Performance Physiologist & Coach Michael Jordan 

Did you listen to the Webinar about training for Endurance Track Cycling? Was it useful? Was it what you wanted or needed to hear?
  If not, do tell me!

I described how I break down events, and the word ‘lysis’ means breakdown, so to analyse something you have to look at its component parts.

For a sprint endurance event like the kilo or a more aerobic endurance event like the Individual Pursuit my approach is pretty-well the same. If you look at the body shape of Shane Perkins and Anna Meares versus Jack Bobridge and Annette Edmondson that may surprise you.

Let me explain:

To remind you of the basics of the physiology:

The first energy system you use at the commencement of an activity is the ATP-CP system. This is without air, or anaerobic, and takes you up to the first 6 to 10 seconds.

The next is anaerobic glycolysis which will be the dominant energy source for the next 20 to 120 seconds. Yes, that...

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