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How to Prepare for Your Next Track Cycling Race

There’s either one of two emotional reactions you’ll have when we ask you...

Are you ready to race?!

You’re either going to read this and think:

a. No, not quite or not at all, or

b. Yes, absolutely!

Whilst we hope it’s the latter, if it’s not then there’s no time like the present, so let’s get cracking!

There are 4 elements we want to highlight that are crucial to your performance leading into an event:

  1. Warm Up Schedule
  2. Tapering / 7 Day Out Planning
  3. Headspace and Mental Strategy Plan
  4. Recovery Plan

Warm Up Schedule

Having a set routine and warm up plan is crucial to performance.

This plan should consist of a number of elements including:

  • Warming up your core body temperature
  • Dynamic stretching
  • Roller efforts
  • Track efforts
  • Resting
  • Keeping warm

Your warm up schedule should be something that is practiced on a routine basis and not something you just start on race day.

Adaption and consistency of your warm up is the key to success on race day!

Tapering / 7 Day Out Planning

The 7 days out from an event is a critical time to maximise your recovery and performance before lining up on the start line.

During these 7 day’s, you’ll most likely be in a tapering period. To achieve success with the taper, you will need to consider your overall fitness and fatigue levels.
Here's a simple equation for you to remember...


The training you need to complete also plays a crucial part in the days prior to competition.

This includes:

  • The Mode
  • Frequency
  • Intensity

Our upcoming product which will be available shortly will discuss tapering and the training required 7 days out from an event in more detail.

It will also give you a few secrets to get the performance edge over your competitors.

Headspace and Mental Strategy Plan

Achieving the right mental headspace to perform at your best, and having a strategy to do so takes practice.

What goes on inside your head can have a massive impact on your performance so learning what’s important and what’s not, is imperative in the lead up to and during an event.

Learning 'process strategies' versus 'outcome strategies' and ways in which you can boost your performance by simply changing a few mental habits is discussed more in our upcoming preparing for performance product.

...But if you have a race in the near future, and some negative mental habits are starting to creep up on you, then now’s the time to make change and we’d recommend that you look at our Motivation and Mindset Secrets from our Olympic Mindset Coach, Georgia Ridler.

Recovery Plan

Recovering in the lead up to, during and after your events will make the difference between achieving your personal best or goal, and not.

We’ve learnt that the fundamentals of good recovery are:

  • Sleep
  • Nutrition
  • Hydration

But what about the one percenters?

Our upcoming preparing for performance product includes specific recovery protocols to follow, so you can maximise the opportunities to replenish your mind and body at all stages of an event.


If the answer is no, not quite or not at all - stay tuned on our website and Facebook page as we deliver you a preparing for performance product in coming weeks that’s going to get you RACE READY!

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