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How to Peak and Perform at the Right Time

Peaking is when you feel and operate at your absolute best, ideally you should have a very limited amount of residual fatigue from previous training and have acquired a substantial amount of fitness. 

It's a simple equation that looks like this:


Understanding your body, the level of intensity and volume that you put your body under in the weeks prior to your race peak is also important.

For example, if you decide to increase your volume too much in the weeks leading into event, your ability to ‘freshen up’ and reduce your fatigue levels in time for your event may be jeopardised.

On the other hand, if you decide to reduce your volume too early, you may find yourself absolutely flying in the days and weeks before your event, but by the time race day rolls around, you’ve gone over your peak and end up underperforming.

Working closely with a coach, or closely monitoring your own training over the season is an important step in developing and understanding your body’s ability to:

  • Train and develop your energy systems specific to your event
  • Recover from progressive overloading
  • Peak at the right time

Acquiring and monitoring fitness levels throughout your season will allow for you to adapt and control the above mentioned areas.

To achieve this, you need to plan your season properly and we’ve written a couple of blogs to help you plan for a solid season:

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If you have any questions , please feel free to hit reply, we're here to help you improve your cycling :)