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The Cycling Blog

Looking for some more information on something specific? Reach out to our team and we'll write about it! 

New Partners Join Track Cycling Academy

tca team Apr 26, 2016

It’s with great pleasure that we announce two exciting new Track Cycling Academy partners:

  1. RIDE Media

As we progress towards a new and exciting chapter with our Inner Circle Coaching Program...

...we are proud and honoured to have the support of these fantastic partners who are all track cycling enthusiasts and have a passion to see growth within the track cycling community.

RIDE Cycling Review

RIDE Cycling Review is one of Australia’s most popular cycling magazines.  

It releases its magazines quarterly and covers a range of different cycling topics, issues, technical innovations.

RIDE is a beautiful glossy magazine that is hard to pass up on the shelves of your local news agency stand.

RIDE also has a Facebook page and Website, you can get their updates and articles by visiting: is THE place to go for all of your cycling equipment.

We strongly encourage you to visit their...

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Welcome to the Team... Shane Perkins!

tca team Apr 13, 2016

It is with great excitement that today, we announce and welcome a new member to the Track Cycling Team...

World Champion Shane Perkins!

  • Keirin World Champion
  • Olympic Bronze Medalist
  • World Champion Team Sprinter

Shane is no stranger to the top step of podiums, and he's going to be sharing his winning secrets on Keirins, Sprints and a range of other topics with our valued members. 

Let us know what you want to learn from Shane - drop us a line in the comments box below! 

Photo Credit: Richard Morton.

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We've Launched!

tca team Feb 04, 2016

Whooo hoo!  

We've finally launched and we can't wait to meet you!

It's been a long time coming, but we're excited to now be out there globally to help as many cyclists as possible.

Our Mission: To help 10,000 Cyclists around the world achieve Personal Bests within the next 5 years.

HOW? By sharing via Video - tips, drills, workouts, training programs, race tactics, exercises, nutrition and mindset strategies from our World Class track cyclists and experts.

So let's get started!

Let us know what your biggest challenges are right now with your cycling.

What would you like to learn about?

How can we help you get better?

Leave us a comment below.

And if you have any cycling friends, tag them in and let them know we're here to help!

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