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Cycling Training Using a Heart Rate Monitor

A lot of training programmes speak of doing an activity at a certain percentage of maximum. Often this will be maximum heart rate.

But here’s the thing...

Unsurprisingly, there is no one size fits all method. We are all, as ever, individual.

I'm going to share with you now:

  • some of the different environmental elements which affect heart rate
  • variation in people
  • different approaches...
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Understanding Lactate for Track Cyclists

Michael Jordan here, the Track Cycling Academy's Physiological Performance Analyst.

Now here is a lovely graph. What does it tell us?

More than we ever need to know! But I like it a lot!

This graph, to me, is the basis of a lot of physical training theory. OK, there are so many more lines that you could plot on here. But then you’d have clutter.

My job with the Track Cycling Academy is...

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The Importance of Aerobic System Development in Track Cyclists

Whether you're a track sprinter or track endurance rider - developing your aerobic system is CRUCIAL to your cycling success. 


Aerobic fitness is the base level energy system which requires oxygen.

By working on your aerobic fitness base, you’ll achieve a number of things - here's a few:  

  • Your ability to recover will be improved
  • Your ability to sustain higher...
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2 Key Components for Your Cycling Success

When we’re talking about cyclists who are at the top of the game, often  we see them as fast and powerful machines who look like they’ve spent most of their time working on speed and power.

Whilst there is a substantial amount of speed and power work completed during the season, many fail to see the work our great cyclists have done in the gym or on the road during in the early...

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Why is Testing in Track Cycling so Important?

To truly reveal an athlete’s capabilities, limits must be tested.

Testing = Measurability

Without testing, how will you measure improvement?

Without testing, how will you work out strengths and weaknesses?

Without testing, how will you work out key areas to focus on?

Whilst there’s always a right time and place to conduct testing in the overall training macrocycle, it’s a very...

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Ride Faster with Cycling Aerodynamics

Wind resistance is a barrier that every track and road cyclist - or any cyclist in general for that matter - has to overcome.

Whilst the human body is not very aerodynamic in it’s natural shape, many new technologies and position advancements have been developed over the years to reduce wind resistance in two ways:

  1. Updating equipment design (bike, helmets, lycra suits etc.)
  2. Changing body...
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Periodised Programming for Cyclists

Do you realise the IMPORTANCE of Periodised Programming for your cycling development?

Having a periodised training program that specifically prepares you for your major season goals is CRUCIAL and is something that is the backbone to every World Champion and International Cyclist’s success.


Your program will need to encompass your ...

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