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How to Deal with Race Day Nerves

Getting yourself mentally prepared to perform on race day isn’t an easy task.

Nerves are an imperative part of the process and just like the rest of the physiological preparation plan, requires training like your muscles.

World Champion Shane Perkins talks exclusively about his experience with nerves, and how he utilised them to get the most out of himself to win some of the biggest races at International events.

Here are 3 Extra Tips to Prepare Yourself Mentally:

  1. Use a few training sessions to plan out your race day mental strategies. Treat these sessions like race events, allow yourself to feel nervous, and use those nerves to drive performance.
  2. Learn to work with the little voice in your head - either acknowledge it or dismiss it, and explore different strategies to assist in this process.
  3. Learn to be okay with outcomes. If you can be okay with any outcome, you allow yourself to focus more on the processes throughout the competition.

Have you found ways to successfully control your nerves to deliver your best performance?

We’d love to hear them, leave us a comment below.