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Are You Riding to Tooth Decay?

nutrition training Apr 09, 2021

When heading out for a long track session (plus 2 hours) or perhaps a long ride on the road, carrying some liquid energy to top up energy stores for the plus hour mark is a no-brainer, and for many, that top-up energy source comes in the form of sports drinks (aka: Powerade, Gatorade, Staminade etc.). 

Whilst sports drinks have a long standing history and are backed by evidence that supports their effectiveness in rehydrating and topping up energy stores, sports drinks should come with a few words of warning, something like…

“Warning, drinking may cause fast tooth-decay or erosion that may in time require root canals, or extractions”

Sports drinks and gels are acidic, and they stick to your teeth due to their high sugar contents. While there are plenty of normal foods that non-athletes consume that have the same effect (soft drinks, confectionary etc.), it’s the frequency of exposure during exercise that can cause your dentist a headache (and eat into...

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Cut the bad fats and start performing!

nutrition Feb 28, 2018

Optimal performance and health starts with the body - if you are fuelling yourself with excellent quality foods and staying hydrated you’re giving your body the best chance to perform at its best in all situations.

In this blog we will focus on one specific food group area - that is the fats. It’s a really interesting food group to delve in to and understanding the types of fat that you need to stay away from, or consume, is worthwhile.

So good fats and bad fats, what’s the difference and how will they impact on your performance? 

The Bad

Trans and saturated fats are the worst to consume - and the science behind why is fascinating…

These types of fat remain solid at room temperature – think about the white bits on meat or coconut oil in a jar. It's also the primary variety used in processed foods like cakes and biscuits. 

If you want to get scientific, saturated fat has a single bond in its molecular structure, which makes it more difficult...

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Track Cycling Nutrition for Race Day

These are common questions for track cyclists leading up to race day:

What types of foods should I eat during race day, especially in between sprint or pursuit rounds?

Do I just keep topping up on snacks during race day, or do I have a meal during the day?

My nerves impact my ability to eat leading up to race events, what should I do?

Good nutrition habits are an absolute foundation to cycling success, and will make a big difference to your performance.

Race day nutrition involves trial and error, and of course planning to reap the benefits.

In this video, our expert Cycling Nutritionist, Ali Disher gives you some great tips on nutrition for race day.

Do you plan your meals and time them accordingly with your race events?

Do your pre-race nerves get the better of you?

Drop us a line in the comment box below, we’d love to hear from you!

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Cycling Nutrition Tips: Part 2 of 2

nutrition Mar 16, 2016

This is Part 2 of our Cycling Nutrition Tips for Training and Racing delivered by Emily Rosemond.

In PART 2 of this video blog, Emily will share with you: 

1. NUTRITION TIPS for Training and Racing  

2. The difference between your HIGH TRAINING PERIOD and TAPERING PERIOD

3. Is Nutrition a GENERAL or INDIVIDUAL strategy?

4. What to do if you have a WEAKNESS FOR SWEETS!

Leave your questions below for our Nutritionist, as we'll be doing more videos on Nutrition soon.

Enjoy!  And don't forget to tag and share this with your cycling friends.

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Cycling Nutrition Tips: Part 1 of 2

nutrition Mar 10, 2016

We have a 2 part video series on: 

Cycling Nutrition Tips for Training and Racing delivered by Emily Rosemond.


  • Track Cycling Head Coach
  • Olympian 
  • Commonwealth Games Medallist 

In PART 1 of this video blog, Emily will share with you: 

  1. NUTRITION TIPS for Training and Racing 
  2. The ONE MAIN DIFFERENCE between Training and Racing
  3. What to eat BEFORE a Training Session or Race 
  4. What to eat AFTER a Training Session or Race
  5. When you should eat FATS

Leave your questions below.

Enjoy and we'll see you in Part 2!

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