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Top 3 Accessories from the Worlds Best Track Cyclists

Have you ever wondered what’s inside the backpack of some of the worlds best track cyclists?

What do they rate as their top cycling accessories, ones that help them get the best out of themselves at training events and competitions?

We’re not talking about the fundamentals such as bike, helmet, rollers, shoes and chain ring bags - they’re the mandatory items!

Instead, we’re talking about equipment, tools and accessories that make them tick, and gives them the extra 5% to go just that much faster!

We caught up with a bunch of the world’s best trackies and asked them:

What are you top 3 favourite track cycling accessories?

Here’s the top three that were mentioned the most!

  1. Headphones / Music
  2. Lunch Box / Drinks / Snacks 
  3. Foam Roller / Trigger Point Ball

Headphones / Music

Having a set of headphones and some good music is no new thing in sport.

Most elite level athletes will listen to music in some capacity to help them mentally prepare to perform so it’s no surprise that headphones and music were highly rated amongst the top track cyclists.

So how does music actually help?

Science has proven that music can enhance performance in sport by the following 4 ways:

1. Dissociation through music diverts the mind

2. Music promotes flow states for internal motivation

3. Synchronised music movements can shift your level of activity

4. Music evokes emotions that enrich your enjoyment

So, get your set of headphones out and add them to your top 3 track items!

Lunch Box / Drinks / Snacks

Food and hydration is a fundamental recovery method but also one that’s essential both pre and during longer training or racing sessions.

So it’s no surprise that a lunch box is something that is highly rated amongst the best in the business!

If you’re packing a lunch to take with you to a session, it shouldn’t consist of food and beverages that you would take for an afternoon at the footy or a family picnic.

Instead, you want to ensure you have the right types and amounts of foods to perform at your optimum in every training or racing environment.

For more on nutrition for training and event performance, check out our two part nutrition video blog!



Foam Roller / Trigger Point Ball

The foam roller and trigger point ball rank highly on the list of items packed into the track bag of our professionals.

For those who are wondering what these are, you can visit our blog on the best foam roller exercises.

Foam roller exercises and completing post-race stretching, accompanied by the trigger point ball, allow track cyclists to release tighter muscle groups which are commonly used throughout track activities.

For example: releasing the Illiotibial band (ITB) before it creates knee injuries, rolling out the quadriceps, lower back, and any other muscle groups which are utilised during a session.

By carrying these items in your track bag as opposed to leaving them at home, you’re able to:

  • Recover quicker - by getting to the muscles straight after training (whilst they’re still warm), you’ll reduce the time it takes to recover
  • Save time - by completing this at the session directly after training, it allows you more time when you get home to focus on other things
  • Lower the risk of not actually following through with the stretching and muscle release session when you get home

Do you have any favourite items that you carry in your track bag that help you get the most out of yourself?

Leave a comment below, we’d love to hear from you!

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