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3 Tips to Maximise Your Training & Perform at Your Best!

physiology training Feb 11, 2018

We’ve discussed periodisation, programming and planning in many of our blogs, and whilst for the most part, the athletes that we come into contact with have a fairly sound understanding of how to structure a training program... From time to time though, we are asked the question:

How do I fit all of the training elements into my program throughout the season and perform on time? 

In this blog, we will offer you 3 fundamentals of training to help ensure you tick the boxes at the right time to enhance performance. 

Train a Few Elements Well (Don’t try and train everything at once)

When cooking a roast dinner, you don’t put all ingredients in the oven (both meat and vegetables) at the same time and expect they’ll all be cooked perfectly when you pull them out… 

The same principle applies when it comes to planning and executing your training. 

For example. If you try and train endurance, speed-endurance, top end speed and strength all...

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