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The Importance of Aerobic System Development in Track Cyclists

Whether you're a track sprinter or track endurance rider - developing your aerobic system is CRUCIAL to your cycling success. 


Aerobic fitness is the base level energy system which requires oxygen.

By working on your aerobic fitness base, you’ll achieve a number of things - here's a few:  

  • Your ability to recover will be improved
  • Your ability to sustain higher functional threshold powers over a long period of time will be strong
  • You will improve your ability to back up between racing sessions and events
  • Your immune system will be stronger
  • Your ability to develop and improve on your anaerobic and ATP-CP systems will be more successful

In addition to the more obvious benefits of developing your aerobic system, there are a few that are often an afterthought.

For example, a sprint athlete who is to reach the final rounds will complete anywhere between 6 and 11 races (including the flying 200m qualification), sometimes on the same day (dependent on the event format). 

To successfully maintain repeat high quality performances, which encompass maximising the anaerobic and ATP-CP systems, a highly developed aerobic system must be in play. 

Exercise Phyiologist Michael Jordan briefly explains more on the importances of aerobic energy system development in this short video. 

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