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New Partners Join Track Cycling Academy

It’s with great pleasure that we announce two exciting new Track Cycling Academy partners:

  1. RIDE Media

As we progress towards a new and exciting chapter with our Inner Circle Coaching Program...

...we are proud and honoured to have the support of these fantastic partners who are all track cycling enthusiasts and have a passion to see growth within the track cycling community.

RIDE Cycling Review

RIDE Cycling Review is one of Australia’s most popular cycling magazines.  

It releases its magazines quarterly and covers a range of different cycling topics, issues, technical innovations.

RIDE is a beautiful glossy magazine that is hard to pass up on the shelves of your local news agency stand.

RIDE also has a Facebook page and Website, you can get their updates and articles by visiting: is THE place to go for all of your cycling equipment.

We strongly encourage you to visit their website: and check out their huge range of premium cycling products.

The people working behind the scenes at are extremely hard working and offer a very high quality service.

It’s a very exciting time within the Track Cycling Academy as we welcome our new partners!

We’re looking forward to providing you, our members, with some amazing opportunities and resources!