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Mindset & Motivation Secrets for Cyclists

16 VIDEOS: Mindset, Motivation and Race Day Tips From Olympic Mindset Coach, Georgia Ridler

Georgia helps cyclists develop confidence in their cycling, ride faster, and overcome nerves on race day.

The Mindset Secrets to Riding Faster is delivered by one of the best Mindset Coaches in the world, Georgia Ridler.

Georgia is one of our coaches here at the Track Cycling Academy. She has been Anna Meares Mindset Coach and the Olympic Mindset Coach for the Australian Swimming Team  (yep... she knows her stuff!).

Georgia has helped cyclists at every single level get better. She is looking forward to leading you in your journey to becoming the best cyclist you can be. 

In her videos, Georgia will share with you her secrets on motivation, how to overcome nerves, goal setting, training through pain, and so much more! 

You'll feel more confident and be focused and ready to compete on race day.

16 Videos from Olympic Mindset Coach, Georgia Rider 

How to OVERCOME Nerves

Video 1. Understanding Your Brain
Video 2. Tip #1 – 3 Breath Technique
Video 3.  Tip #2 – Mind Your Language
Video 4.  Tip #3 – Breath in the Atmosphere
Video 5.  Tip #4 – Warm Up Process
Video 6.  When Do Nerves Subside?


Video 7. What is Motivation
Video 8. Values
Video 9. Goal Setting
Video 10. How To Maintain Motivation
Video 11. Why We Struggle With Motivation During Training


Video 12. Why Do We Have Pain?
Video 13. The Benefits of Pain
Video 14. Virtual Finish Lines

How NOT to Get Psyched Out

Video 15. Being Aware Versus Comparing
Video 16. Disadvantages of Comparing