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Why Cyclists Should Squat in Weightlifting Shoes

Often you'll see cyclists wearing weightlifting shoes in the gym, particularly the sprinters, but also endurance cyclists. Particularly following leading research around the benefits of strength & conditioning in the development of endurance cyclists.

So, what are weightlifting shoes?

Weightlifting shoes have a heel that is raised by three-quarters of an inch to one inch. There’s just enough traction on these shoes for what a lifter on a platform needs: to not slip and slide when under a heavy load.

If you have a hard time dorsiflexing your ankles all the way in a squat or clean position, weightlifting shoes will help you a lot. Because of the raised heel, less ankle mobility is required.

In our video blog, expert weightlifting coach Max Dal Santo discusses some of the major benefits of using weightlifting shoes. 

Are you utilising weightlifting shoes in the gym? Leave us a comment below.