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What are you listening to on the bike?

Do you wear headphones and listen to music whilst you're warming up and warming down?

Many elite level athletes will listen to music in some capacity to help them mentally prepare to perform, so it’s no surprise that headphones and music are highly rated amongst top track cyclists.

So how does music actually help?

Science has proven that music can enhance performance in sport in the following 4 ways:

1. Dissociation through music diverts the mind.

2. Music promotes flow states for internal motivation.

3. Synchronised music movements can shift your level of activity.

4. Music evokes emotions that enrich your enjoyment.

Trialling different music genres to achieve your optimum 'arousal level' (see diagram below) will help you with your preparation and event performance. 


Do you listen to music whilst warming up, perhaps on the bus on the way to a racing event, or to unwind post-event? 

Drop us a comment in the box below and let us know what you're listening to.