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How to Master the Track Stand

In this short video, World Champion Kerrie Meares shares her tips on how to master the track stand! 

Why Track Stand?

Learning how to track stand will not only teach you how to stand still on the track, but it will also help develop your bike skills, and help you find where your centre of gravity is.

When you think about it, when you’re riding FAST around the track, your centre of gravity will move AWAY from the track to support the speed and force you’re generating on the bike.

But when you’re riding SLOW, in particular around the bends, your centre of gravity will lean TOWARDS the track, which is why knowing where your centre of gravity is, and relaxing with it and not fighting it on the bike, will help you with your bike skills and enable you to use your tactics more effectively.

For example, protecting your position from the back, forcing your opponent to the front, or drawing your opponent closer to the front position.

How to Track Stand

  1. Reduce your speed. 
  2. As your right foot approaches 12 o’clock, turn your front wheel down the track (rolling down the track helps get your front wheel position lower than your back wheel).
  3. As your right foot approaches 2 o’clock, turn your front wheel up the track to a stop (this saves more energy).
  4. Relax into your centre of gravity, switch your core on and maintain equal pressure on both pedals which should be at 2 and 8 o’clock, and sometimes closer to 3 and 9 o’clock.
  5. Your arms should be relaxed, but in control and stable - at one with the bike. 
  6. Stay alert!
  7. If this is too easy, try practicing looking over your shoulder, and attempt the track stand in the banks.