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Here's a Tip to Help you Nail Your Individual Pursuit!

The individual pursuit is no doubt one of the toughest of the track cycling events, particularly if you're lining up for a longer distance - 3k or 4k pursuit.

With advancements in sports science, and feedback systems such as power cranks, training and refining, the pursuit has never been easier - not that it's an easy event to train for!

Sports science and power data aside, there's one simple rule that many riders don't quite 'nail' upon starting their pursuit...

The point at which you transition from an out of the seat acceleration into the saddle and pursuit bars.

So when do you transition?

When we coach athletes for Individual Pursuit events, we often give them three tips, one of which covers off on the transition statement above:

  1. Nail the countdown, breath through on 3 (3 seconds to go before start).
  2. Strong (pedal) strokes on go!
  3. Transition into pursuit bars when you've reached the speed you want to hold for the remainder of the pursuit.

A strong start and transition will set you up for the rest of the pursuit so worry about split times, watts per kilo, etc, once you've nailed the above!

Wishing you a successful pursuit!

Are you a pursuiter? Have you nailed the transition into your bars? 

Leave us a comment in the box below!