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A Technical Tip to Help You Start Faster

Executing a strong, powerful and fast standing start is something that takes a lot of practice.

The standing start is made up of a bunch of different technical elements, so in this blog we will identify one of the most crucial that, coupled with all elements, will help you get off to a cracker start!

Check out the image below, and have a look at the athlete's (Shane Perkins') hip position in both images....


Horizontally Shane's hip position between image one and two demonstrate that his hips are travelling along the same plane and are level.

In image two, Shane's hips are further forward.

Both images were taken in close sequence with image two snapped only one tenths of a second after the first.

To go forward your hips must travel forward along the same horizontal plane whilst maintaining good core and upper body strength recruitment throughout the push, rake and lift components of the pedal stroke!

Perfect practice makes perfect!

3...2...1... GO! FORWARD!

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