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3 Tips to Succeed This Holiday Season

The holidays are upon us!

Only a few more days until, what many people would argue, to be the day in which food and couch time take up a significant part of the day. 

This may sound like we’re hitting you with a ‘what not to eat and do’ during the Christmas period, but it’s not.

We just want to share 3 simple tips that will work to help you cut a few easy corners and stay in cycling shape this holiday season. 


Rule number 1 is all about hydration and consumption of water.

Set multiple reminder alarms if you have to because drinking plenty of water every day will not only keep you hydrated, it will also ensure ‘false hunger’ spells are non-existent. 

Dehydration can lead to poor performance, cognitive function, fatigue, headaches and other ailments and more, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we recommend you stay hydrated daily throughout the holiday season. 

Water Tips: 

  • If you plan on having an alcoholic beverage or two, ensure you go one for one (1:1). Have a large glass of water in between drinks. 
  • Take an extra water bidden out on the bike, and ensure you drink an extra glass of water before and after training. ‘Topping up’ on water both pre-and-post training will ensure you give your body the best chance to perform and recover. 
  • For extra hot days, take an electrolyte source in addition to water - such as hydralyte or gastrolyte formulas.

Veggie Entrees (or Pre-Meal Plate)

Rule number 2, have an entree or pre-meal plate that comprises of veggies. Usually veggies will appear on the Christmas tables spread, so here’s the plan...

Go and grab yourself a plate of veggies and eat them before coming back to eat the foods that contain higher volumes of saturated fats, meats and treats.

If veggies wouldn’t normally appear on your Christmas table, get organised in the days leading into Christmas so you’re prepared and don’t find yourself giving in due to lack-of-organisation! 

Veggie Tips: 

  • Eat a small plate full of fresh vegetables and salad PRIOR to eating your main meal with family and friends. 
  • Get organised in advance! Prepare your veggies so they’re ready to go. Don’t let lack-of-organisation get in the way of succeeding!
  • Stay strong - you CAN do it, and you’ll thank yourself when on the start line at your next race! 

Pre-Breakfast Activity 

A great time to churn through any accumulated Christmas calories is in the morning before breakfast.

If you have yourself a set of rollers, it can be as simple as jumping on them for half an hour and spinning before sitting down to breakfast.

If you don’t have rollers but do have a plan to head out on the road bike in the morning for a ride (we’re not talking a key training session with efforts, just an aerobic session), then skip breakfast and take some nutritious snacks with you for when you’re out on the bike - such as a banana or piece of fruit. 

Completing an aerobic training session in the morning before breakfast (on an empty stomach) will force your body to utilise fats which is why this is an excellent time to get those skin folds down!

In the process, don’t skip on water - be sure to keep your body hydrated during the process, and we wouldn’t advise this prior to KEY or IMPORTANT training sessions. 

Pre-Breakfast Activity Tips: 

  • Rollers 30 minutes before breakfast - get that heart rate up to your aerobic training zone and spin away! (You’ll also learn to pedal more efficiently in the process).
  • No rollers? No problem - just go out for the bunch road ride and pack a snack (banana or piece of fruit). If you’re planning more than 1.5 hours, be sure to take enough snacks to sustain you at hour intervals. A general rule (100 calorie snack per hour of training for the hours beyond 60 minutes). 
  • Stay hydrated in the process and don’t skip breakfast if you are endeavouring to complete a key training session where your body needs to be fuelled for performance! 

Have you got any additional tips that you’d like to share? Feel free to comment below, we’d love to hear from you!