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Injury Prevention & Strength Exercises for Cyclists

16 Videos to get you Stronger, Recovering Faster, and Staying Injury-Free 


Mark helps cyclists get stronger, and stay injury free.

Mark is one of the top Physiotherapists in the world and has been to 2x Olympic Games as a Physiotherapist for the Australian Team.

Mark has helped cyclists from beginners to elite. He is looking forward to leading you in your journey to becoming the best cyclist you can be.

In his videos he will share with you his tips, exercises, and recovery methods so you can get stronger as fast as possible - and stay injury free.

Mark Will Give You Everything You NEED To Be Stronger and Injury Free…


Video 1. The Importance of Having a Physio
Video 2. The 4 Step Process for Exercises

Why Cyclists Get KNEE PAIN and How to Avoid It

Video 3: The 2 Reasons Why Cyclists Get Knee Pain
Video 4: Hip Mobility – How to Self Access
Video 5: Hip Mobility – Stretch #1
Video 6: Hip Mobility – Stretch #2
Video 7: Hip Strength – How to Self Access
Video 8: Hip Strength – Exercise #1

The Importance of POSTURE

Video 9: The Importance of Good Posture for Cyclists
Video 10: Posture – Exercise #1

How to Strengthen Your CORE

Video 11: The Importance of Core Strength
Video 12: Core Strength – Exercise #1

STATIC vs DYNAMIC Stretching

Video 13: Stretching for Warm Up
Video 14: Stretching Outside of Warm Up


Video 15: Top 4 Foam Roller Exercises


Video 16: Top 3 Recovery Methods