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6 Week Strength/Hypertrophy Program

Welcome to the Strength and Conditioning program series!

We complete Strength and Conditioning in stages, just as we would a training plan to ensure that the program is periodised to allow you to perform at your best for your chosen events come race time!

We generally start the Strength and Conditioning stages with HYPERTROPHY, then move into strength, and then depending on the discipline you race, branch into Strength and Power and/or Strength and Endurance.

In this 6 Week Strength/Hypertrophy Program, World Champion, Kerrie Meares takes you through a series of exercises with different purposes to cater for a range of development stages throughout a training season.

So, the Hypertrophy program - WHAT is it, and WHO is it for?

Hypertrophy training focuses on developing the size of the muscle for the purpose of increasing strength and power capacities on the bike.

By increasing your strength capacity, it will allow the opportunity for your muscles to get stronger as you further develop.

Hypertrophy training is ideally used during early to mid season, and may be revisited a few times, if required, throughout the season because muscle mass takes time to grow.

It could be that you're just starting to use the gym to help you with your cycling performance.

Or you could be someone who wants to be able to push bigger gears on the track.

Or, you want to stay with the pack when climbing the hills.

This form of training is a great starting place for those who are developing in the sport, or for those who need to develop a solid foundation of strength to build on over the season.

Kerrie has created a series of videos of exercises that will be a great guide for you to follow during the hypertrophy stage of your strength and conditioning.

We’ve included a program template for the hypertrophy phase that you can download.  

It will guide you through the next 6 weeks.  

There are 7 exercises which are specific to cycling, that I explain and demonstart in detail - so that you can feel confident with how to complete the exercises - and also understand WHY you’re doing them.

In terms of equipment that you’ll need for this program - all you really need is some dumbbells - so you can do these exercises at home or at your local gym.

The reason why we use dumbbells is to focus on increasing strength capacities of the major muscle groups, and by having separate weights in each hand, it also includes the smaller stability muscle groups around the joints.  

Using dumbbells also allows you to perfect your technique before moving up to the barbell and heavier weights, as your strength increases.

For more advanced uses, you can replace some exercises that have dumbbells with a barbell or cable machine.

On the template you’ll notice under each exercise a place for you to record the actual weight you lifted for each set, so you can keep a record of your progress.

We recommend doing this program 2-3 times each week over the 6 week period.

If you have any questions, please email Kerrie at [email protected]

We look forward to seeing you on the inside!

PS. This program comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.