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Off the Bike Power Exercises

11x Off the Bike POWER EXERCISES Using Body Weight 

If you don't live near a Velodrome, or want some off the bike exercises to improve your power, then this product is perfect for you!

We have 11x power exercises, delieverd by World Champion Kerrie Meares, and Commonwealth Games Medalist Emily Rosemond.

These exercises will help ALL cyclists develop their power on the bike, whether you ride track, road, bmx, or mountain bike. 

We have 2 types of power exercises - Stair Dills and Box Plyo Drills.

You won't need much equipment to do these exercises, just your shoes, a flight of 10-15 stairs, and some different sized boxes to jump on to (you might be able to find these at your local gym).

These exercises will make a big difference in your power on the bike!