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Dynamic Warm Up

Olympian, Emily Rosemond takes you though a series of Dynamic Warm Up exercises.

Dynamic Warm Up is a great way to start a training session or to use as a warm up before a race.

Why Dynamic?

Dynamic stretching simply means your body is still continuously moving, even while stretching.

The purpose of warming up is to prepare the muscles within the body. In order to achieve this, you need to increase your muscles core temperature and dynamic stretching can accomplish this.

If you put 5-10 minutes aside before starting your training or competition efforts to do static stretching, your muscles’ core temperature will drop and although they may be stretched and feel loose, they will actually be less elastic and not as powerful.

This dynamic warm up routine will prepare your muscles specifically for cycling.  While static stretching warm up may loosen off the muscles, it has really has no relevance to what you are actually about to perform.

To maximise your performance, your body needs to be prepared for the intensity of whatever workout is ahead. Warming up with dynamic stretching will prepare your body for the different types of movement that will be performed during cycling efforts. 

Dynamic warm ups help to improve the range of motion around your joints. This will help reduce the chances of injury. Over time this will improve your performance and maximize your movements due to the increase in flexibility of your joints.

Science tells us that dynamic stretching is more beneficial than static stretching when preparing for any type of effort about to be performed within your training or competition session.